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Jack Priest ([personal profile] bitten_notshy) wrote in [community profile] fandomtherapy2012-11-21 10:27 am

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this year, game?

(I have one more workday, and I am bored.)

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I'm thankful for being Canadian!

*ducks and runs*

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Good friends. A great game. Good RP. Fun characters. A new job. Wonderful kids and spouse.
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Your face.
Your mom.
[ profile] heromaniac
The Dutch.
Boss is not here.
Your mom's face.
LJ Login.
Your boss' mom.
Your mom's boss.
That the Twitter hashtag #nicklevelbad exists.

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[personal profile] glacial_queen 2012-11-21 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Forgive me, this is a little illness-centric, but it's kind of hard not to be right now.

I'm thankful for medications that can keep me well, even if they can't make me better. I'm thankful for insurance that pays for most of it, so we don't have to stagger under insane, unpayable medical bills on top of everything else. I'm thankful that my husband's surgery on Monday should be quick and relatively painless.

I'm glad for a game that can make me smile, even when stuck in this stupid chair. I'm thankful for people who care about me enough to put up with my griping, my flaws, and my less-than-stellar moments (of which there are many). I'm grateful for loving and being loved in return.

And I'm thankful for spellcheck, which has gone above and beyond making sure this entry didn't devolve into Benedyl-inspired gobbledy-gook.
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Well, I am NOT thankful that we don't get time off for sympathy-Thanksgiving. IT IS A THING, BOSS.

But I guess I'm thankful for my internship, and for my bosses who support me and seem genuinely convinced that I'm halfway competent. I'm thankful for my best friend Tijn who will happily wait out in the cold for over an hour to have dinner and share honestly with me in a city he doesn't even know. I'm thankful for my mother, even if she's in Thailand right now, and my brother, who keep me from spiraling too frequently into self-indulgent loneliness.

I'm pretty grateful that I grew up relatively healthy and happy and without worries in what is frankly the best country in the world (...sorry, guys...) with people (and a dog) that are absolutely awesome.

And thanks for making me sit still and reflect on that, even if the original point was that I wax poetic about my characters instead.
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My job! My home! Playing characters I love! Having people who are willing to sit in a chatroom with me and keep me breathing while my current obsession is on national television! *throws hugs all around*

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I'm thankful for turtles. They're awesome.