pursuedthestars: ([sex] make out)
Jim Kirk ([personal profile] pursuedthestars) wrote in [community profile] fandomtherapy2014-06-10 01:35 pm

Love and Romance

It has been 364 days since our last therapy post on this topic. So hey, why not toss one up before the year anniversary? And make it a little different to boot!

So, let's talk about sex, love and romance! Typically, we just talk about who's doing the deed and who's getting some and who wants to get some but why don't we talk about the other stuff as well. Who's getting courted? Who's getting kissed and holding hands? Who's falling in love and falling out of love? What do you think about all that?

TALK ABOUT IT, FOLKS! Talk about your relationships, your dates, your one night stands, your crushes, your lack of anything, your virginity and how you intend to keep it that way, talk it about it all!

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