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Secrets Secrets Secrets!

It's been six months since we were in here, and I'm bored. Tell me your secrets, Fandom. Big ones, dirty little ones, or the very best kind -- big dirty ones.

As always, this is OOC-but-IC.

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Um, I'm the reincarnation of a space princess soldier and the living embodiment of Venus? And I fight crime.

And I can't tell my BFF because it might put him in danger. :(

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Yeah, that's, um, where it gets complicated? Because when I'm being a superhero, I'm pretending to be someone else.

The short version is that I'm the body double for a princess a bunch of alien demons want dead. So, if they find out some civilian boy knows Sailor V? They're not above hurting him to get to me.
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Lately? I've been pushing my powers and my morals entirely too far for the sake of the well-being of a friend I've been sworn to protect.

And she'd loathe that I'm doing it. Of course.

In marginally less depressing news, Raven wants a baby, asked me to be the father, and I don't bloody well have a mouth to drink because I have no idea what to do.
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I'll be as careful as I can afford to be. It won't be much longer, yet.

And... Christ, I don't know. I was thinking of possibly adopting someday when I'm less... me, right now, in the head. This seems a hell of a lot bigger than me. But then, I can't drink the water, and would really like to thump a few people on the heads WARREN. KARLA. these days.
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Half-demon. And I'm descended from an ancient self-proclaimed mutant god. I... have a couple of concerns about this, as one might imagine.

I don't know, mate. I'd like to be a father someday, preferably to some child I haven't passed my screwed-up genetics on to, but something about this is just...

I'm concerned.
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Angela and JJ and that tiny blonde thing seem to have turned out fine.
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See, that's the thing, though...

Those children... how many of them are going to ever happen?

This island is very good at showing people some very beautiful fantasies. But that's all that they are.
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Even if none of them happen here, they have all happened to you someplace. They aren't fantasies, they're possibilities.
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I plan on killing people in nasty ways the next time I visit Karla.

Well, I say "people". I mean "child molesters and other perpetrators of rudeness".

Also, I rather like this cat.

And the flamingos aren't too bad, either. Even if they do make my lawn look like a cheap midwestern trailer park.
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I wouldn't say "fond", exactly, but they do keep down on any rampant mutant shrimp and such that might show up.

Which might actually be a consideration, in this place.

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Do you need help, murdering the child molesters?
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I'm fairly sure I have it covered, but I always welcome a skilled assistant or coworker.

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I don't -- I don't normally kill people. But I don't seem to have the compunction against it that most people around here do.

Some people ought to be killed.

Father tried to teach me to forgive, and I have tried my best, but it's hard to forgive those who are hurting innocent children.
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I generally try to be circumspect and cautious, but yes - I've a special loathing of that sort of person.

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I am slightly less awesome than I pretend to be. TELL NO ONE.
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Only slightly? ;)

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Sounds like I'm way more awesome than you think I am, but that's okay. Sometimes people are wrong and I don't hold that against them.
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I have yet to see evidence of this awesomeness. Although the fire is interesting!

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I miss home and I miss ♥Carlos♥, but...I really kind of like it here.

Except for the cold and wet. Ick.

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I have magic hair that glows when I sing!

...wait, a lot of people know that, now. Not a great secret. Let me think.

Um., I...I don't think my mother is a very nice person, maybe. And I don't know who to tell, or even if I should tell, or whether I'm even right about it. But I'm starting to think she lied to me about a lot of stuff. And that makes me wonder about why. And I can't come up with a nice answer.

So that's a thing I haven't told anyone.

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Mothers are people, too. Some of them are good, some of them are awful, most of them are somewhere inbetween.

My mother is a terrible person who never loved me. She had awful reasons for doing things. Your mother might actually have nice reasons for being how she is, but she might also be a bad person. That doesn't mean you aren't.
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Sometimes parents are mistaken. Sometimes they're well-meaning but misguided. And sometimes they are selfish. You should ask yourself: if she's mistaken, why would she think as she does? If she's misguided, can you correct her assumptions? And if she's selfish, what does she have to gain by her lies?

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I hold myself directly responsible for my mother's suicide.

And the one and only person I've ever told assured me that it absolutely isn't my fault, and that I shouldn't feel guilty over it, but the thing is: it is. I know it is. It's because of what I am, and how she reacted to that.

And I have to live with that.

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Do not ever say that.

Your mother was troubled and mad and had demons that dragged her into the darkness. That had to be what happened. Because the other possibility, that she simply gave up on a beautiful, loving child, because goodness, there were obstacles? That would make her, by every consideration, a worse mother than my own.

And I'm not even sure such a thing is humanly possible.
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Whether her difficulties with you contributed to your mother's reasons for suicide, it is still not about you, nor is it your fault. It is about her inability to cope with you, which is entirely on her. And I've no doubt it's about other things as well; suicide is rarely due to only one thing.

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I don't think my mother ever loved me, but I don't think that's a secret.

I'm not sure I know what love is. I don't say it back, when Joker says it, because I'm pretending it'll hurt less if I don't admit it.

I'm starting to think that's stupid.
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If you aren't saying it back, he likely suspects something is wrong, but likely not what. And what he imagines is likely much worse.

The truth I've seen is this: the definition of love is different to each person. Even your mother may have defined her relationship to you as one of love. Would that make her crimes any less? Don't get caught up in semantics; say it if you want to, don't if you prefer not. Define it however you wish, and then be true to that.