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There hasn't been a post in this community in over three months. NOT ACCEPTABLE, I SAY! So, here's an easy one that everyone loves and everyone (including the newbies) can do.


That's it! Show 'em off, enjoy other pretties, gawk, drool, ogle, pine, go wild!

[Yep, it's an excuse to post pretty pictures of your PB's or whatnot. I need a distraction, we haven't done this since November and pretty things are pretty! Try to resize them if you can! LJ's scrapbook feature provides an easy way here but feel free to use other sites and/or smaller pictures!]

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Hi, I'm Nicole Fox. You might know me from winning America's Next Top Model, Petite Model edition.




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I present Nathan Kress, 18 year old dorkface. (these are clickable thumbnails)

Image ( Image (
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Ahahaha. I cackle because Matt Bomer is SO PRETTY.

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I enjoy his face. I REALLY DO.

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Using old pictures and pretending someone didn't have plastic surgery gone bad...


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This has to be my favorite James Lesure picture.


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...It's possible I'm the only one who still loves her. Whatever. I'm not ashamed. :D

Image Image Image Image
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Finding pictures of Fran Kranz is not so easy. Mainly because he is not the most photogenic person out there, and there were only ever, like, four promotional photos taken of Dollhouse that consist of more than just the side of Eliza Dushku's face.



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Image ( Image ( Image ( Image ( Image (

Logan doesn't need muscle definition with a face like that. Such a munchkin though.
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I have to ask if you've seen this (, because it is ripe for capping and putting in one of these memes.

Oh, Logan.

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Image    Image  Image

Image (which [ profile] brat_intraining  linked me to the last time we did this meme, and omg adorable)
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Alexis Denisof has aged REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY well. Unf.

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Jake. Be in more things.

Image Image Image

His candids are still better than any other picture of him:

Image Image Image
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GET OFF THE FLOOR AND DO STUFF, JAKE, COME ON. I love all his sleepy pictures with Kyle sooooo much.
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Really hoping Nicole Tubiola continues to do some acting and modeling even though she's running her own business.

But this might be my favorite picture yet.

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And if you haven't already, go check out Ben's new Funny or Die short because it's HILARIOUS. Keep being awesome, Mr. McKenzie and keep aging SO WELL.

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Image Image Image

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Man I've done this so many times it's hard to find new pics of Ed to do it with but I managed.

Image Image Image

And this 'cause I found it on tumblr when I was looking for Ed pics.


I don't think I can sit through that movie though.

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Image ( Image ( Image ( Image ( Image ( Image ( Image (

Robert Sheehan's a bit of an acquired taste but IDK, I love his face and his accent and his stupid, skinny self. He's such a smug prick IRL and I love it.

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All I can think at the second image is:

I don't always act like a dick. But when I do, I do it with style.


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I need to find more pics, but this is a good start.

Image Image

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Screw the vampires. I'm just dazzled by Billy Burke's mustache.


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Yes, I find Butters' PB very hot.

Yes, I am uncomfortable with the fact that I find Butters' PB very hot.

Yes, I enjoy making other people uncomfortable with the fact that I find Butters' PB very hot.

Here. Enjoy some Mitch Hewer. Oh, Mitch Hewer...What did clothes ever do to you?

Image Image Image Image

(I'm sorry. I couldn't refuse that last one.)

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Mmmm, Ioan Gruffudd.

Image Image Image Image

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And like I could ever refuse the opportunity to abuse this meme to alert more people in the world to this classic gem from dear Mr. Benson:


LOL, 70s. Also, Alexander will grow to have really pretty hair:


And the interim period is perfect for his next canon do:

Image Image

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Obviously she's not Ramona in these so I can't talk about how she's the GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS, OMG, but Mary Elizabeth Winstead is like thirty-one flavors of sexy, regardless of her hair:

Image Image Image
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Jeremy Renner for all!

Image Image Image Image Image

There was a hot firefighter who looked just like him at Daisy Days. Only with grey hair.

Mmmm, silver fox.

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I can't not do this for Ryan. HE MUST BE SPAMMED.

Image ( Image ( Image ( Image ( Image ( Image (

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Mmmm. You beat me to Ryan Reynolds.

So pretty.

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And Ariel doesn't have a PB, so have some gorgeous fanart:

Image Image
Image Image
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Some from Lost Girl, one from Black Swan, some linked because they're too big, others not:
Black Swan photo (
Gothy looking (
very very pale eyes (
HUUUGE and even paler eyes (

Image Probably her natural hair color. Maybe. Image Image Image
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