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Therapy: Year to Date

It's been an absurd amount of time since there was an entry in here, and I am bored. So:

The year is three-quarters over now. What's been the best thing to happen during it?

What's been the worst thing?

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Worst thing: getting arrested.

Best thing: Coming here!

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Best thing: finding a girl who doesn't put me in second place

Worst thing: trying to eat said girl while I was all grey and patchy. I'm getting the feeling that what's going on right now might try and get that first place, though.
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Worst thing: Getting beat up ALL THE TIME. Hands down.

Best thing: Finally knowing people who possibly actually like being around me? Gotta say that's new.
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Worst thing: Raven's death, my hand in it, and the battle with Sebastian.

Best thing: Raven coming back to life and Warren's forgiveness.

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