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Wait, what?

No, really, WHAT?

Wow, I think my player totally just gave up on these now, and that was before reading past the first couple of paragraphs. The rest is just icing on the WTF-cake.

This WTF-cake is not a lie. No, really, what?

[[link is to a spoilery summary/review of the latest btvs s9 issue, fyi. i had to get this out of my system one more time, and apologies to anyone i already broke.]]

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I've been waiting to see your reaction to that.

I was actually hearing some good things about Season 9. I was considering putting it back on my read list.

Yep! Not going to happen!

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You should've seen [ profile] taseredagod's IM reaction. I got spammed with like two and a half screens of just "No." over and over again.

I just -- seriously, I'm done. With the comics' track record of doing weird disappointing things with potentially interesting storylines, my total disconnect with the characters the way they're written now, and the fact that I'm still not over the whole "OH HEY LET'S JUST RESET-BUTTON A BUNCH OF STUFF" end to S8 I really doubt the payoff will be worth the effort. I mean, IN THEORY I could see how it would be an interesting plotline. I'm terrified of how it'll actually play out.

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At this point I'm done and never going back. I agree with you in Theory that it could be interesting but... nope. Do. Not. Want.
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My player threw the issue and yelled, since she'd decided to flip through it before buying.

Apparently, her shop-guys had placed bets on her reaction.

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Okay, I was kinda okay with the baby thing because it's pretty much inevitable in any work with a sexually active female protagonist. (I'd actually be a little sad if she had the abortion, because it's not like she lives a life where getting a second chance is guaranteed.)

But for some reason the whole BUFFY LOSES AN ARM thing was where I went WHAT? WHAT? NO THEY CAN'T.

... I may be strange, but you knew that.

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Well, yes, you are strange. ;)

And really, like I mentioned, in principle I have no problem with the storyline but holy crap do I have less than zero faith in it being written in a way that won't be ten kinds of headdesky and fail. But then there's the mayhem, and REALLY? REALLY? Like have we not gone for the cheap shock value stuff enough yet?

I can't even be mad about the rest of it after that. Well, maybe a little eyerolly.
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No, I get what you're saying -- it's a cliched storyline with a thousand places where it could go wrong.

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...I have no idea how to react to this. Why are they trying to outbizarre season 8?

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Don't forget the part where they're also trying to reset-button most of S8 while out-bizarring it!

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No no no no no no no no no no

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...Kennedy, you may need to stake them.

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What the fuckety fuck?

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See, this is why I stopped buying comics. My brain melts less when I get my info second hand.