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Dear Santa Claus....

So, the holidays, they are upon us! Carolers are caroling, manic shoppers are shopping, elves are...elving. And some of us like my player are even stuck with enjoying leisurely time with their families!

So, to pass the time, come tell Auntie Joanie what you'd like for Christmas. We've done this before, but feel free to dig a little deeper. What do you really want, Fandom? And no one give me any of that 'world peace' bullshit.

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I...think I'm now officially good on the Christmas front.

But if I were still dead, I'd ask to not be dead.

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*uses Christmas Jake icon from a horrifically wrong account*

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Dear Santa,

I want less people to die this year. And also maybe to finally have sex with my boyfriend.

Also, don't you have a phone? Why are we writing letters?

- Katniss

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Dear -- screw this.

Anyway: Santa. What's up? This year, I'd like a fresh start, and the cash to fund it. Thanks a bunch. And maybe some new skates.

- Ramona

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Dear Santa,


Also, I'd like my hormones to level out again. That'd be neat. And a healthy baby, of course!

~ Rory
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Uh. Hey, Santa?

Um, so I'd like to not get killed, if that's cool. And, uh, if my friends could maybe, like, value my work, that'd be sort of awesome too. You know. If you get a chance.

Oh. And more of those nights with Tony and Billy and Ben and everyone. You know. Like, if they could keep inviting me. That'd be fun.


PS - Seriously, dude. Email. I can't remember the last time I wrote something by hand that wasn't a picture of Futu-- never mind.

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Dear Santa,

Hi, it's Jace. I can't really say I've been a good boy this year, but I can say I have been a stunningly attractive one and, let's face it, looks trump goodness any day. So I would like:

- More Seraph blades. Mine keep getting lodged in the heads of demons for some reason.
- Hair gel. Could always use more hair gel.
- A hot blonde, a hot brunette and a hot redhead to spend time with. But only for one naked afternoon.
- More demons to kill. Or a werewolf uprising. Or for a vampire to look at me the wrong way. I'm not picky so long as I get to kill somebody.
- Can you bring back Dunkaroos?
- For Alec to get that stick out of his butt.
- For Isabelle to get cooking lessons.

Oh, and some catnip for Church.

Thanks in advance, and I hope Mrs. Claus gives you a bj or something before you head out on Christmas Eve.



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Ooh. A hot brunette, you say. Do I qualify?

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So long as you're not expecting anything lasting more than a few hours then yeah, I'd say you qualify.

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Oh, please. Preaching to the choir, sweetheart.

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What's a bj?

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Dear Sacred Elderly Man,

I do not understand this holiday, nor do I especially wish to; however, if one were to compile a list of things I'd want, it might take overlong and I should think I'd run out of paper. I will do my best to limit myself to only real possibilities, and save us all some reading.

* The Iron Throne, within the year. (I think it is possible, if not realistic. This 'King in the North' nonsense shall surely burn out by spring, and Joffrey is but a boy. Boys are easily disposed of.)
* Strength, for myself and my dragons.
* To enjoy myself, occasionally, as a foolish girl in her formative years. It is difficult to be a young queen, and there are many young and attractive distractions about, here.
* Good riding weather for my silver.
* A comfortable holiday for my friends.
* Safety for the blood of my blood.
* Peace for my child and my sun-and-stars.


Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Protector of the Realm, and Khaleesi of the Dothraki

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Hey, Santa,

I don't your thing. Sorry? I mean, my people just kinda don't do the Jesus thing, and all, but you're cool, dude. I like what you're doing with your beard and all.

Anyway -- I just wanna get into a college. Any college. And to never go back to canon. And if you could arrange to get Quinn into this (, that'd make my Christmas. Even if I don't celebrate.

Rock on,


[link nwsish, natch.]

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That is hideous, but how would you feel about a Christmas angel ( all your own?

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...that is totally acceptable.

I'd even wear leather pants for my Christmas angel.

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And now I know what we're doing Monday...

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Santa! Hi! It's me!

Okay, technically I should be writing two separate lists, right? Because I totally get two sets of gifts, right, like, from my dad and Lilly and Dave and everyone, and then from Tracy and J-Bieb and everyone. But I'll totally just write my regular list from me, 'cause the rest of my gifts are all really big and could totally not fit in your sleigh. Like, I think Tracy's getting me a car.

Um, so this year, I'd like some new gel pens, and a new saddle for BlueJeans, and maybe a weave for him, ooh, and those new Fendi pumps Daddy keeps saying he might get me. Ooh! And for someone to please just make me more catfish stew. I miss it.

And also, to get into Standford. Duh.

Love you!


Miley Ray

(PS-- I'm also Hannah Montana. JSYK)
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Dear Santa:

First off, I'm Jewish, and second off, I grew up before Coca-Cola taught the whole world to believe in Santa. And, third, I haven't been especially good this year. But on the off chance you feel like reading my letter regardless...

It seems like the colonies end up a country after this war in most realities. Let's have things work out that way here too, all right? No creative editing of reality as a Christmas gift.

For my other present, please get me home this year. 2012 home, the one with gay rights and the Internet and even stupid reality TV shows. Get me there alive and in one piece. I have a hard time caring overmuch what happens to my corpse.

Don't kill Sebastien, either. That already happened.

And if I have not completely blown through your stash of goodwill with those requests, I'd like whatever discreet portable electronic goods you can slip my way, and a supply of strong, high-quality instant coffee. There are certain conveniences I've become used to that this time is entirely lacking in.


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Dear Santa,

Anything but this (


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Dear Santa,

Okay, so mostly I've been good, except when other people pissed me off and totally deserved whatever I did. Anyhow, what I want this year is:
1. To get into college. Yale, if you can manage it.
2. Puck to wear leather pants sometime.
3. Good female role models in elected office.
4. This really cute pair of Michael Kors booties

Actually, if I can get prom queen, you can ignore the rest of the list. Except Yale.


Lucy Quinn
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...but I do wish for world peace.

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Psh. Santa? Please. What am I, eight?

I'd like my usual check from Daddy. And some cute boys.

- R.
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Hi, Santa.

I, uhm.... I'm actually good, I think. All the stuff I could ask for, I either have, or I can afford, and I'm pretty sure you can't change the way people are.

So just pack up whatever you'd bring for me and give it to someone else who needs it more. Okay?


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Ser Santa,

I have no idea what this holiday exercise is meant to prove, and if money could buy the things I want I'd already have them. The religious traditions here are quite confusing.

Just ... don't let Joffrey become king quite yet, and let me get past the dragon in that game Columbus forced upon me that I unwisely became addicted to. Also, I'll take a whore on the island anytime you want to give me one.


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Hi Santa,

Actually, I'm good on the wanting-stuff side? Just keep everybody safe this year. For a change.


- Tara
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Oh, hey. Fat man in red. Cool.

You know, I'm actually pretty good, Santa, thanks. Unless you wanted to buy some art?

Yeah, didn't think so. You have a good Christmas either way, man. I'll be over here, up to my knees in scrap.

Thanks anyhow,

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Dear Santa,

So, you know I think being a 'good girl' is totally overrated, but I think I've been pretty decent this year, right? So here's what I'd like.

1) For Trans Am to agree to fund my surgery. I know, the meeting's on the twenty-eighth, but toss me a bone?
2) For my mom's cancer to stay in remission
3) Cute heels. Remember, size eleven!
4) Cute jeans. With a long enough inseam and enough room in the crotch. I know they don't seem to exist, but hook a girl up!
5) The Naked2 Palette, and Urban Decay's holiday eyeliner set. The colorful one, not the neutrals. I have brown eyeliner, thanks.
6) A camel trench coat. I'm working on the 'wardrobe classics' thing.
7) An Amazon gift card, so I can buy some books.
8) Some kind of happy ending for Taylor. Yeah, she's a bitch and we both know it, but...come on, hasn't she been through enough?
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Dear Santa,

...I'm a ghost. I don't have anything. Including, I suspect, a house at this point, since I'm pretty sure it was coming down when I dragged the Obeahman into hell. I don't need anything, either.

Except, give Cas whatever he wants? Please? For me.


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Dear Santa,

First, I'd like for world peace. Obviously. But particularly, I'd like for all of the issues between humans and mutants to be resolved without a need for bloodshed or, if it comes to it, depowering us.


Thank you, sir.


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Dear ... Who are you again? They call you Santa?

Huh. Santa. I don't think I've heard that name before. What Realm are you from? Why are we writing letters to you for things? Do you just go around giving people that write you whatever they ask for? How are you even able to do that? Do you have a Court that helps you ... no, I guess you wouldn't have a Court being as you seem to be a male. That doesn't explain how you might be able to grant the requests of everyone that writes you -- at least not in any semblance of a reasonable time frame. This whole tradition does bring up so many questions, really.

I'm told that I'm supposed to ask for something, but I'm not even sure what kind of items you're able to bring me or what kind of things you're able to make happen ...

Oh! I know what I would like. I would like those Auditors things to have ended up in a very scary part of Hell and I would very much appreciate being able to get my first kiss from a boy.

Preferably Morton.

Thank you ever so much for whatever it is you do -- and really, how do you manage all of this? I would really like to sit down and talk with you about this because is seems like something a Queen should know about if you're going in and out of their Realms. You should be very careful about that, you know. They might think you are up to no good.

Lady Cassidy